Intranet development & integration


Intranet Development and Integration

Providing an information system for employees is arguably as important as providing one for your customers, but surprisingly few organisations recognise the huge advantage an intranet can offer them.

information shut away in filing cabinets and in weighty company handbooks is not helping anyone.

Move this information on to a modern intranet, and use this technology to streamline your internal business procedures.




The thing about intranets is that they're never the same. Despite what you'll be told by some people, just buying a configurable package off the shelf means you're probably going to have to accept a lot of compromises.

We recognise that different packages have different strengths and weaknesses, if you're a small company then installing a massive enterprise scale system is not going to be a good fit, so we'd recommend something that fits with your business. Having worked with and designed enterprise scale intranets means however, if you do have requirements for the 'big iron', we can meet those challenges too..

Whatever your needs, big or more modest we can ensure you have the system that suits the needs of your business. Speak to us today to find out more.

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