Multiple device websites & apps


Mobile Devices

Do you need to access your web site, data or business tools using devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, toasters?

OK, maybe not toasters, but as more and more devices enable you to access the internet, Environ-IT are in the forefront of companies developing solutions for these devices.

Wherever your employees require access to information and services, from a customer's boardroom to the middle of a forest, we can provide the systems that will allow them to do this, securely and effectively.

More than just websites

If you need a more fully featured application, then we can build true applications for your mobile phone. The immense computing power of modern mobile phones and PDA's means that applications previously restricted to desktop and laptop computers can be run on your mobile device.

If you spend a lot of time in the field, then consider how convenient it is to have your data systems loaded on your mobile phone rather than lugging that laptop about.

Software Support