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Whether your business needs an online database, a business system available on the internet, a powerful new intranet or any other online service, Environ-IT have been developing web enabled software for over ten years.

We can assist your business make use of the huge resource that is the internet. You can do so much more than just using your website as an online brochure, so start using it to give your business a competitive advantage.

We're specialists at providing online databases and also at developing the web enabled applications that harness their power.

Whether it's to provide advanced functionality for your customers and employees through your website or to steamline your business processes with a sleek and modern intranet, Environ-IT can help you. We've expertise in integrating your existing databases into an online system, and can rewrite your software to ensure it meets the needs of your modern business.

How we work

Tell us your vision of how your business software should work, we'll come up with our ideas of how this can be implemented using modern programming techniques, databases and methodologies.

We'll put together a specification of your requirements and from this give you an idea of the scale of the project, both in time and monetarily. If you're happy, we'll begin to build your software, but don't expect us to go away and return with your finished software, we've tried this and found unless the client is involved at all stages of the build they end up with a less than ideal result.

We'll build the software iteratively, completing small sections of functionality and we'll ask for your feedback at each stage. As you see the result, you'll have a better understanding of what you really want, and we can make sure this is fed back into the design. This way you end up with software that does what you want, not what you thought you might want months or years ago.

We've found this methodology delivers quality software quickly. It takes a little getting used to as the client. Because, often you don't get what you thought you were paying for, instead you get what you really needed. It might not be exactly the functionality you thought you needed, because as the project progressed you realised function 'a' was far more important than function 'b' so we spent more effort on function 'a'.

We look forward to hearing your great ideas for taking your business forward, so contact us today.



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