Browser Functionality


Getting the most out of your user interface

A browser based user experience can be drastically enhanced with the appropriate use of technologies such as Javascript, AJAX, Flash. Integration of online video, interactive calculators embedded within the web page, intelligent web forms and online wizards can all be achieved using the appropriate technology within the browser.

With the knowledge that Environ-IT can provide you with the support to implement this degree of functionality, you can confidently offer it to your clients.

Forget the limitations of simple HTML pages, bring your page designs to life and embrace the power that Web2 and AJAX can provide.

But don't forget the basics, even if you just need some simple javascript integration, or some validation for your forms we can help there too.


Online Applications

With the improvements in internet connection speed brought by broadband, more and more functionality can be brought to the browser based application.

From small online calculators embedded within the webpage, to complete online applications that communicate with online databases and generate reports dynamically, Environ-IT can work with you to ensure your clients are dazzled with their new web site.


Design Support