Content Management System (CMS)


Allowing website owners to update their content themselves can be a scary thought to most web designers. But Content Management Systems now offer a way of allowing the update of a website without compromising the design.

All that hard work designing a corporate identity and sleek looking website, and they go and use flashing Comic Sans on the home page! But fear no more, there are an array of Content Management Systems available that allow even the most 'stylistically challenged' user to keep their website up to date.

There are a huge number of Content Management systems available, each with their advantages and disadvantages. Selecting the correct one for your or your clients needs is an important decision and can be influenced by a range of factors; ease of installation, ease of use, compatibility with existing systems, to name but a few.

In partnership with our Web designer clients we've developed sites using a number of the market leaders and many of the up and coming systems too, and are happy to provide advice and development resources when implementing a new content managed website.

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