We support Web and Graphic Designers!


We help a creative businesses and individuals achieve their potential by providing technical expertise and support

We understand that the key skills of web and graphic designers are not necessarily technical, and even if you are 'technical' there comes a point where using a specialist can save you time and money.

If you're finding yourself worrying about anything technical when quoting for a project, or worse you've turned down a job because you felt it was too technical. What a waste of a business opportunity!

Perhaps you're staying up late at night trying to understand something that's not in your skill set, what a waste of your valuable time!

By working with Environ-IT you can confidently approach any online project with the knowledge that if it all gets a bit hairy on the technical front, you've got an experienced partner to back you all the way!

What we do

serverWe work quietly and efficiently on any project that requires our expertise. Tell us how we can assist you complete your project and we'll just get it done, minimum fuss. There's not even any need to tell your client you're using us.

However you want to work it's fine with us, we have our own development servers which you'll have the use of during the project, or if you prefer, we'll work remotely on your server. If you're not sure what is best we can help there too!

It's a cliché, but really 'No job too small', and the converse is true too, just look at our client list! If you just need an email form then speak to us, if you need a scalable online database system for a blue chip company, speak to us!

Here's ten things we're doing right now;

  • Online form handling - Subscription forms, Email forms, Surveys
  • Javascript programming - from single functions to javascript applications
  • Server side scripting - PHP,Perl, JSP, GSP, ASP
  • Online Databases - Mysql, Postgresql, Oracle, SQLServer
  • Automatically generated online reports - PDF, Word, Excel, RTF
  • Online tools and calculators - Pension calculators, Loan Calculators, Stocks & Shares tools
  • Online video storage and display
  • AJAX applications and effects
  • Online mapping and GIS
  • Content management systems - J2EE, PHP

Design Support