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Server side development and technology

Although many great things can be achieved within a browser alone, to harness the true potential of a dynamic website you need to consider what happens on the server. There are a vast array of competing technologies that provide powerful functionality for your websites. Let us guide you through the maze of selecting and using these technologies.

Server side scripting using technologies such as PHP, JSP, ASP can be used to provide a dynamic element to your web pages. Capture the contents of any web form and do whatever you wish with the data, email it, store it in a database, turn it onto a PDF document if you like!

By providing online access to a database, a website can become more than a visual marketing tool, it can become a true business system. Our experience working with a huge variety of databases means we can develop exactly the right system for your clients needs, and it needn't stop with a simple database. Our experience of developing working with web services, means we can take any business function and turn it into an online service, enabling it to be accessed anywhere.

If your client has a new requirement for online functionality, then our web programming skills can be utilised to meet this requirement. We have years of experience developing online systems using languages such as Java, PHP, Groovy, XSLT and Perl.

Providing the power behind the website is one thing, but what about ensuring this power is secure? We can design and implement security and authentication systems for your website.

Whether it's a simple name and password to identify regular users, or a more complex system allowing varying levels of access depending upon their security credentials, we can ensure that your online resources are well protected.

The potential available to a web designer is phenomenal, and Environ-IT are here to make sure you can make the most of this potential. If you have a requirement for any aspect of server side development however big or small then speak to us today.


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